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     Cynthia Bischoff, PhD, is a clinical hypnotherapist, international life coach, energy medicine practitioner, and motivational speaker. These professional hypnotherapies, meditations, and affirmation series are designed and read by Cynthia, and her DVD programs are professionally engineered.


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     Each hypnotherapy meditation (25-30 minutes each) is to be used while you are relaxing with your eyes closed so your full attention is on what you are hearing.  (Do not operate machinery or drive while listening.)  Normal responses may vary in order for you to access your subconscious mind:  1. You may feel as though you are floating or sinking; 2. You may fall asleep; or 3. You may feel as though your mind is wandering during the hypnotherapy session.  Each of these responses is completely normal and reflects differences in how people open their subconscious mind to receive the hypnotherapeutic message.

Building Confidence

Designed with specific affirmations to enhance your self-worth and to help you trust your abilities and judgment.

$7.99  $15.00

Clearing and Healing

Guided visualization to help you clear and heal your body, mind, and spirit, with emphasis on healing any illness or discomfort.

$7.99  $15.00

Creating Loving Relationships

Emphasis is on developing the ability to create healthy relationships that are loving, successful, and life-enhancing.

$7.99  $15.00 

Creating Miracles

Designed with specific affirmations to remind you of your own miracle-making power as a manifester worthy of great things.

$7.99  $15.00

Creating Wealth and Prosperity

Focus is on creating a mindset of unlimited abundance and your ability to manifest wealth and prosperity.

$7.99  $15.00

Enhancing Your Intuition

Designed to develop your intuition and emphasize your ability to use it successfully in your daily life.

$7.99   $15.00

Healthy Weight Loss

Focus is on affirmations that suggest healthy eating, exercise, and responses by the body to achieve a healthy weight.

$7.99   $15.00

Living in Balance 

Designed to help you release any negativity in the past, stand firmly in the present, and open the door to a balanced and successful future.

$7.99   $15.00

Overcoming Limitations

Designed to help you overcome any limitations that you might experience with emphasis on healthy ways to manage your life.

$7.99   $15.00

Working with your Guardian Angel

Guided visualization that takes you on a journey to meet your guardian angel and to establish a supportive relationship that allows you to learn more about your soul’s purpose.

$7.99    $15.00

Heartliving Meditation


 Opening and Healing the Heart

This guided healing meditation is intended to help you open and heal your heart
and to release “armor” in order to embrace life more fully.

$7.99   $15.00

Positive Living Series

This series consists of two audio files, Part 1 and 2, that each consist of repeated positive affirmations designed to help you release worry, fear, and negativity as you move into more positive and purposeful living.  The files can be used as part of a healing practice.  It is suggested to use the Part 1 to feel more calm and free of worry and then to use Part 2 to prepare to give life your best!  You may listen to them while exercising, driving, or simply in the background while you are at home to reinforce your intention for more positive living.

Releasing Worry & Fear 

This series of affirmations reminds you that you are creating your own reality and guides you to bring greater joy and balance into your life, choosing peace as your natural state.


$7.99    $15.00

Giving Life my Very Best

This series of affirmations reminds you that you create positive life circumstances, choosing balance, joy, love, and freedom as you remain focused on creating a meaningful and successful life.

$7.99    $15.00


Heart Wise Bundle

In these ten 5-minute videos Dr. Cynthia Bischoff, award-winning life coach and Founder of Heartliving,
will share successful strategies to help you improve the quality of your life.

$9.99   $22.00

Being the Best You

In this 30-minute 2 part video
Dr. Cynthia Bischoff will provide strategies to assist you in becoming the best you.


$7.99   $15.00

Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Personalities

In this 30-minute 2 part video Dr. Cynthia Bischoff will provide strategies for Dealing with Difficult Personalities.

$7.99   $15.00