Signature Leading from the Heart Programs

Leading from the Heart for Women (Part I): Effective Life Strategies for Women

During this 8-week intensive program, you will be given the tools to challenge your attitudes and habits that do not serve you; address your fears and to respond with courage; define your standards for living your own truth; and create a plan for making life-long changes toward realizing your vision.  The program consists of weekly sessions, individual journaling assessments, and two individual coaching sessions with Cynthia.

Weekly topics in Leading from the Heart program include:

Session 1:  Accessing Your Truth
Session 2:  Unlearning Behaviors that Do Not Serve You
Session 3:  Addressing Your Fears
Session 4:  Choosing Wisely and Living from Balance
Session 5:  Being Powerfully in the Present
Session 6:  Living with Conscious Intent
Session 7:  Setting Your Standards According to Your Truth and Being Accountable
Session 8: Claiming the Power of Heart Living


Wisdom of Transformation (Part II)

Ready yourself for continued growth and enlightenment in Wisdom of Transformation!

Wisdom of Transformation is open to anyone who has completed the original Leading from the Heart program.  Similar in format, these 7 weekly, 2 ½ hour sessions, are intended to provide the tools and synergy to take the participant to the next level of transformation in her or his personal and professional development.  Participants are asked to take on a project throughout the seven weeks that will challenge them to go to the next level of their own development.

Wisdom of Transformation Topics covered include:

Session 1:  Discerning the Meaning in Your Life Experience
Session 2:  Body/Mind Awareness and Energetic Banking
Session 3:  Forgiving Yourself and Others 
Session 4:  Spiritual Practice in Your Daily Life
Session 5:  Daily Intimate Relationships
Session 6:  Self-Acceptance at a Deep Level 
Session 7:  Sharing the Fullness of Your Heart

The program also includes:

  • one 1 ½-hour bodywork session (Reiki, Breathwork, or Hypnotherapy)
  • one 1-hour regular coaching session
  • coursepack and materials
  • runes book and set of runes
  • refreshments at each session
  • parting gifts.



Passion and Purpose! (Part III)

Serious about manifesting your dreams?  Then Passion and Purpose is for YOU!

Passion and Purpose is Part III of the Leading from the Heart program series and is open to anyone who has completed the original Leading from the Heart and Wisdom offerings.  It is designed in a new format with 3 all-day sessions and intensive application that is intended to provide the tools and synergy that will lead you into a new level of manifestation in your personal and professional life.  Participants will also receive an individual hypnotherapy as well as regular end coaching session.  The program expands upon what is taught in the original heart programs and challenges participants to put into action what they have learned. Days are spaced out to allow for application.  Sign up ONLY if you are serious about moving forward.  This program requires commitment!

Sessions include:

Day 1 : If Not Now, When?  Your Plan and Purpose
In this intensive one-day session, we will map and share our life stories and create a plan for new growth, focusing on what we need to do to move forward with power.
Day 2 : Getting Clear and Staying Strong
You will share your creative project and how it has clarified your purpose. We will focus on your attitude as a compass for your journey and how your destiny is in your own hands.
Day 3 : Sharing Your Manifestation Dream
You will present your final creative project and your manifestation dream. We will celebrate our growth and intentions for staying mindful. Our long-range plans will be discussed as we focus on our role as agents of continual change.

The program also includes:

  • one 1 ½-hour hypnotherapy empowerment session (Value $92)
  • one 1-hour regular coaching session (Value $55)
  • basic project materials (including manifestation frame)
  • coursepack
  • a set of divination cards designed by Cynthia (priceless)
  • breakfast at each session and catered lunch
  • parting gifts.