Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  It is administered by a “laying on of hands.”  The word “Reiki” is derived from two words: “Rei” (meaning higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness) and “Ki”: (meaning energy–as the word “Chi” does in Chinese).

A Reiki treatment helps clear, straighten, and heal the energy pathways in the body, thus allowing the energy to flow in a more natural way.  Once the “ki” or energy is flowing naturally, the body is then able to complete its natural healing process more effectively. A Reiki treatment is both powerful yet gentle.

What are the benefits of receiving a Reiki treatment?

Reiki has a long history of use that has assisted in healing virtually every known illness and injury, including serious problems like multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and cancer, as well as skin problems, cuts, bruises, broken bones, and headaches, among others.

Reiki works in harmony with all other forms of treatment.  You can continue to receive regular medical or psychological treatment while receiving Reiki, with improved results. In fact, according to William Lee Rand, author of Reiki: The Healing Touch, Reiki “will improve the results of any medical treatment, acting to reduce negative side effects, such as those from chemotherapy, surgery and invasive procedures.  It shortens healing time, reduces or eliminates pain, reduces stress and helps create optimism.”

What is a typical session like?

The client, remaining fully clothed, lies on his or her back on a massage table during the treatment.  Using selected music, the practitioner places the palm of her hands in specific positions on the body.  The client usually finds the treatment very relaxing, often falling asleep.  Treatment sessions are generally 1.5 hours in length for a typical session, which includes time to process the session.

Guidelines for Treatment:

  • It is best not to eat or drink for one hour prior to a session.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing to facilitate ease of treatment.
  • Please arrive on time to allow us to use your session appointment fully.
  • If you must cancel a session, the courtesy of a 24-hour notice is required or half-payment for cancellation is due..

Scheduling & Fee Structure 

Reiki is done by appointment only. Contact Cynthia at 757-625-6103 or email

2 hours……………………….$190
All first sessions are 2 hrs.

1.5 hours…………………… $145