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“The Power of Reiki—Japanese Healing Method”

For more than a decade I have taught and performed the Japanese healing method, Reiki, throughout the US, as well as seven major cities in Japan. Listen to this informative show as I explain the history of Reiki, its history, its benefits, the cleansing cycle it produces, and how a session is administered.

December 2013

“The Power of Reiki” Heartliving Radio, December 2013


“Our Fathers, Ourselves”

A theory exists that we choose our parents before we are born in order to learn some essential life truths.  If this is so, why might you have chosen your father and what lessons might this choice have meant for you?  In our October show we discussed the topic “Our Mothers, Ourselves.” On this exciting show, we will discuss the power that our relationship to our fathers has had on us.  Our father is the first masculine figure we have in our lives and is a prime shaper of the way we relate to the masculine side of ourselves (whether we are male or female) and also to how we navigate in the world.  We will discuss types of fathers, what a child needs from a father, father/daughter and father/son relationship patterns and wounds, and what can be done to heal connection to an absent father.  Tune in for an opportunity to gain insight and to participate in exercises that promote strengthening and healing!

November 2013

“Our Fathers, Ourselves” Heartliving Radio, November 2013


“Our Mothers, Ourselves”

What do you think was the effect of your relationship to your mother on your life? In this insightful show, I discuss the power that our relationship to our mother has on us, including how this relationship has helped shape our ego identity, our feelings about ourselves, and our sense of being in the world. We will explore both positive and negative aspects of the mother relationship from effects that having the “ideal” mother to having the “abusive” mother might have on us–while realizing that no mother is “all good or all bad.” Differences in mother-daughter and mother-son relationships will be explored as well as the role in our lives of both human and archetypal mother energy. And from a human standpoint, while the child’s view may believe that it was or is still possible for all our legitimate needs to be met by the mother, we will discuss issues for moving forward and healing: forgiveness, healthy boundaries, honesty, and trust. Listen for an opportunity to gain insight and participate in exercises for healing!

October 2013

“Our Mothers, Ourselves” Heartliving Radio, October 2013


“Being the Best You”

How can you develop your full potential? What does that really involve? What is the “best you”? During this show I help you evaluate how you’re participating in your world and what you might do to improve the quality of your life. Seven Heartliving principles will be discussed that will spur you on to release struggle and embrace life more fully! While we all came in with different sets of circumstances, and some might say, different challenges as well as advantages, each of us is here to learn, to grow, and to develop our own greatest potential. This show will help you evaluate your life circumstances, apply techniques for balance and growth, and encourage you to make your own authentic, positive contribution to the world–that is, to be your best self.

September 2013

“Being The Best You” Heartliving Radio, September 2013


“Inviting Miracles:  Bringing Miraculous Thinking into Your Life!”

An old proverb states:  “One who does not believe in miracles is not a realist.”  On this show, I discuss the dynamics of miracle making – what goes into that state of consciousness that allows for and generates miracles.  You will learn about the nature of miracles and the role of universal law and the force within you.  I cover specific requirements that are said to set the conditions to create a miracle.  Be inspired to bring “miraculous thinking” into your life!

August 2013

“Inviting Miracles: Bringing Miraculous Thinking into Your Life!”


“Power and Love: Healing Ourselves through Relationships.”

Your soul is always partnering and seeking to heal itself. To do this, you engage in relationships in order to learn through lessons of power and love. Often, you are attracted to and choose partners who help you to replay old wounds in order to heal your soul. In this inspirational show, I cover primary relationship issues of power and love as well as provide principles for successful partnerships. Topics will include codependency, boundary setting, forgiveness, and metaphysical principles of love. You will be shown how to become the witness to your relationships in order to bring about positive change.

July 2013



“Faith and Fear.”

Our lifetime often involves a dance with faith and fear.  This dance can limit our very life intentions. On this transformational show, I discuss principles for working through and understanding your fears and their origins, as well as exploring your relationship to faith. I discuss ways in which your fears may be limiting you, may be “filtering” your messages, and may be causing you to fall into mind traps. Practical steps for understanding your motivations, releasing your fears, and maintaining faith will help strengthen your relationship to yourself and your world.

June 2013



“Transitioning to the Other Side.”

On this exciting show, I share my understanding of what happens as we pass on and transition to the Other Side. This show is based upon my Eastern teaching and metaphysical training, as well as my own experience in being present with those who have passed on and in receiving messages from deceased loved ones during her energy sessions and in dreams. Over the past 15 years, I have found amazing similarities within my own experiences, particularly as related to leading authors who have researched and written about this topic.

May 2013



“Understanding the Language of Your Body/Mind.”

In this show, we will discuss the body as an energy tool of the soul and a vehicle through which you learn life lessons and communicate with your spirit.  Your body is always giving you messages for your soul’s growth.  In this exciting show, we will explore the language of the body and how it is said to “speak the mind.” What do specific organs and parts of the body mean?  What is the message and often gift of a certain illness, whether that be addictions, allergies, cancer, chronic fatigue, diabetes, inflammation, and so on? What is the organ pattern for the 24-hour flow of chi in the body?  These are just a few of the many areas we will explore in an effort to understand and embrace our bodies.  I will draw from my experiences in teaching Body/Mind Energy Medicine in Japan and in the U.S. and also my varied certifications in energy medicine.

April 2013



“Minding the Temple of Your Spirit: Understanding Your Body’s Wisdom.”

In this show, we discuss the body as an archive and temple. I draw from my experiences in teaching Body/Mind Energy Medicine in Japan and in the U.S. and also my varied certifications in energy medicine. In discussing the body as a living temple of our spirits, we explore the body as an energy tool of the soul; generational issues, particularly from a shamanic standpoint; symbolic meaning of symptoms and illnesses; effects of hidden emotions and unreleased traumas; and body energy principles and solutions.

March 2013



“The Power of the Heart.”

This month I share interesting insights about the heart and its relationship throughout history to our spirit as well as share research that has explored the heart as having a unique intelligence unto itself.  In addition, I provide suggestions for ways to live more fully from a heart-centered approach, thus bringing greater balance and love into our lives.

February 2013



“Setting Clear Goals and Living on Purpose this Year.”

Practical guidelines for setting goals, staying motivated, and living this year with clarity.

January 2013



“Your life journey as a process of self-discovery.”

This month’s segment includes looking at how our sense of self is impacted by our interactions with others, how we create an adaptive self early on in childhood that we must re-assess as adults, and how our growth in life requires that we apply a gentle curiosity to looking at what exists in our own vulnerable hearts.

December 2012



“The Wisdom of Heart Living!”

In addition to sharing my own inspirational journey, I discuss the value of understanding that you are the epic hero in your own life drama; that it is never too late to follow your heart and “course correct” no matter where you are in your life; and that Heart Living involves a number of practical tools that can be applied daily for positive living.

November 2012

“The Wisdom of Heart Living!” HeartLiving Radio, November 2012