As we approach our Thanksgiving week, we reflect on numerous traditions for giving thanks. Some people have shared with me that at Thanksgiving dinner as a child, they were asked to express something for which they were grateful. While it is one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving is not the only day to focus on “thanks-giving”!

There are important reasons for giving thanks on any day of any week:

  • Your emotions are your most sophisticated way to know what is going on for you.
  • Your emotions at any given moment help you know whether or not you are resisting life or allowing it.
  • You can actually change your emotional grooves and allow the details of your life–your response to life–to play out differently.
  • While you can’t always control your thoughts, you can guide them.
  • Allow yourself to witness a larger picture of your circumstances and your world and decide to feel blessed, expecting good to come to you.
  • Decide that your world is a kind one and that you deserve goodness.
  • Feel better first and then your vibration will change.
  • Know that you are an integral part of life itself and that the Universe blesses you.
  • Let yourself feel blessed.
  • Give thanks for blessings now and on the way.

You see, to the degree that you feel blessed and expect good things–that indicates your degree of allowing good to come to you. So put on some music, do something you love, call a friend, help another, say a prayer–above all, expect good things to come to you and give thanks!