Affirmations are statements that can support you in manifesting powerful change. Write or say these statements at any time (some people do so daily) and use them to support a shift in your consciousness or feeling state. It is important that the affirmations you select resonate with you, that is, that they feel natural and appropriate. In order to choose statements that feel right, you may need to change words in the statements listed here, or let these inspire you to create your own.

  • I relax knowing all in my life is well.
  • I know that I count and act as if I do.
  • I let go and trust that everything is happening perfectly.
  • I peacefully allow my life to unfold.
  • Every day I expand my comfort zone by allowing for risks.
  • Whatever happens in any situation, I know I can handle it.
  • I live my life to the fullest.
  • I expect good things to come to me.
  • I focus on my many blessings and have every expectation that my good will be met.
  • I create meaning and purpose with whatever life hands me.
  • I release all doubt and fear and move into a state of positive flow.
  • I accept myself as I am and create peace in my heart.
  • I am loved and safe.
  • I find value in all aspects of my life.
  • My faith lifts me above all fears.

Affirmations are used in hypnotherapy in order to reprogram the subconscious mind. By using them in your “awake” state, you are also accessing their power by allowing yourself to “hear” a new way to be. The purpose of using affirmations is to open to allow something healthy to become. In addition, they can help us shift our attention from less empowering actions such as “getting” or “taking,” to more freeing concepts, such as “receiving,” “accepting,” and “allowing.”

As you work more and more with affirmations, you can make them part of your daily life. Remember, you are already using statements or affirmations every time you think or speak. If your current thoughts are less helpful, you can intentionally change them to ones that will help you shift into a more meaningful life!