Early in life you had two primary motivations: to survive and not to be abandoned. Primarily, you learned to be acceptable and to wear an “adaptive” mask in order to manage your fears. Hence, the result can be a lifetime dance with fear and faith.

If you accept that your thoughts create your reality, then one of the major problems with unconscious fear (anxiety below the surface) is that the brain can be dancing in a state of constant anticipation of negative experiences, reacting to life rather than responding to it.

From a standpoint of evolution, this act was probably designed to protect you, yet holding on to a low-grade fever of fear can certainly undermine the quality of your life.

Here are some steps to practice thinking differently and coming from faith rather than fear:

1. Holding awareness is the key to escaping cycles of fear. Pay attention to your “inner voice” and release any negative thoughts by reminding yourself that all is well. Recognize that constantly anticipating the worst case scenario is not helpful, but rather is harmful.

2. Recognize when you are reacting rather than responding and check to see whether or not any of your thoughts about potential outcome are really warranted.

3. Ask a person you trust to help you look at your expectations while teasing out what is real and not real.

4. A coach or supportive friend can help you to have a safe environment in which to explore being you and to shift your perceptions.

5. Decide that you can handle life and you will be able to.

6. Decide what positive things you DO want to create in your life and give energy to that vision.

7. Hold a positive outlook overall (“like attracts like”), and remember that while fear disrupts your focus, hope enhances and focuses your attention.

8. Imagine a positive outcome in all your situations.

9. Spend at least five minutes per day daydreaming about the great life you desire as you bring it into being!

10. Re-frame your fear by looking through the lens of FAITH!