Most of us have hectic days that are often crammed with too much productivity.  Your work and general rushed lifestyle can take a toll on your body, mind, and spirit.  Incorporating relaxing music into your life can be a beneficial way to unwind and release tension and stress.

Whether you listen to music in the evening to unwind or before going to bed, choosing the right music can encourage deep relaxation.  For example, music that has a slow, soothing beat can calm your body into a synchronized state with the beat.

Different types of music can have different effects, but in general, instrumental music is most helpful to induce calm that leads to restful sleep:

&#9829 The harp can be very melodic and can reduce stress and tension.
&#9829 Sounds of nature, often deep and slow rhythms, can be very calming.
&#9829 The sounds of water and waves can create a rhythmic state.
&#9829 Flutes and chimes can be soothing and relaxing.
&#9829 The right classical music in general can help produce a tranquil state.

Soothing music can be beneficial for anyone at any age.  Babies respond very well to soft melodies. In general, soft, slow music induces the autonomous nervous system to slow down breathing and heart rate, bringing the body to a more relaxed state. And with the body and mind relaxed, feelings of anxiety and depression are lessened.  Enjoy!