On rare occasion, less often than perhaps I wish, I live in perfect harmony with the universe.  I feel connected with all around me, paying attention to signs and synchronicities that show me that I am protected and guided for by universal flow.  This, I believe, is a reflection of the presence of love in my life.

When we allow ourselves to stop resisting what is around us (our reality) and we move into a greater state of peace, we become more open to love’s power and to love’s potential.  We are better able to respond rather than to react, especially with others, and to let go of rigid positions in our thinking, overall being less judgmental in our relationships and more generous with giving and receiving love.

Many people think of love as an ideal feeling that they wish to have more of in their lives.  One way to have more love is to cultivate a feeling of generosity in your life, allowing you to give love more freely.  Some people believe that generosity is something they would do only after having all that they need for themselves.  Actually, it is the opposite of that.  For example, in the words of St. John of the Cross:  “If there is no love between you, pour in love and you shall draw out love.”

If you wish to be heard, you can listen generously.  If you wish to be understood, you can seek to understand.  If you wish to be noticed, you can extend yourself to be more present.

It is the love we give away that creates the love we keep.