Your thoughts create your reality.  One of the major problems with unconscious fear is that the brain can be in a state of constant anticipation of negative things.  We then focus our attention to look for ways to validate these fears. From an evolutionary perspective, this act was meant to protect us.  Fear is the gatekeeper of our comfort zone.

In modern times, these primitive fears keep us bound and are no longer helpful.  What is helpful is to begin to think and respond differently, to hold a positive outlook.

The Benefits of Optimism:

    &#9829 Research shows that optimism leads people to better overall health.
    &#9829 Optimistic people are generally “luckier,” more successful, and regarded as more appealing.
    &#9829 Based on the Law of Attraction (Like attracts like), by being optimistic, you will draw positive outcomes to yourself.
    &#9829 Studies have shown that imagining positive outcomes releases fear.
    &#9829 The more optimistic you are, the more you create a pattern of response that perpetuates your positive feelings.

Here are some steps to bringing about more positive thinking:

    &#9829 Recognize what is NOT happening in your life that you would like to have happen.
    &#9829 Identify what you CAN do to make it happen and focus on that.
    &#9829 Fear and optimism cannot occupy the same space, so the more optimistic you can be and feel, the less fear you experience.
    &#9829 Focus on one thing that makes you happy, that you are grateful for, and bring this into your mind whenever you experience a fearful thought.

    You may be surprised that small steps toward optimism can bring about big changes.