Are you aware of the science of sacred sounds? Sacred sound—whether it is prayer, music, song, or chants—is a vital force that has been considered a direct link to the divine.  The ancient mystery schools taught students to use sound as a creative and healing force.

Every cell in the body is a sound resonator and has the capability of responding to any other sound outside of the body.  Every organ will also respond to particular sound vibrations.  The human body is a bio-electrical system in which the energy is created in varying frequencies through muscular actions.  Therefore, it can be altered, strengthened, or balanced through the use of sacred sound.  It has been shown that steady, directed rhythms restore the body’s rhythms when they are out of balance.

How might you employ the sacredness of sound in your life?

&#9829 If you have a heart connection to certain songs from your past, listen to them to evoke and heal emotions.
&#9829 If you find certain songs energizing, play them while you are working either at home or in your office.
&#9829 To quiet you at the end of the day, consider listening to soft instrumental music that has a calming effect.
&#9829 Try singing as a way of healing and uplifting your spirit as well as opening your throat chakra.

Remember that your children and even animals respond and benefit from the vibration of sacred sounds.