Personal Quotes by Cynthia Bischoff

“CHECK YOUR SPIRITUAL BLIND SPOT: When you cannot see a solution to a problem in your life, remember that you may simply be looking through your spiritual blind spot. If you adjust the length of your ATTITUDINAL LENS to the universe, the solution will be clear!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Clear the clutter and organize your stuff: Amazingly when we change something on the physical plane we also seem to change it in the spiritual dimension.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“The kind of child we have is always synchronistic—usually making parents confront their own shadows and develop their own strengths. Life is amazing that way!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Life is like a kaleidoscope. We may evidence almost the same picture again as we turn the wheel. If we attract to us similar experiences as before, often even painful ones, we might want to ask: What in me needs to feel this again? What am I to learn? Remember that life is not about winning or losing, but about LEARNING. And when you understand the deeper meaning of something, often you don’t have to repeat it.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Have you noticed that sometimes something will delay you and that the delay leads to a more fortunate outcome? Or that something you dearly wanted you did not receive because something better was waiting for you? Give thanks for spiritual assistance.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Your thoughts and feelings are the tools you use to paint your daily canvas. As you focus your attention on something, metaphysics suggests that within 17 SECONDS the Law of Attraction begins to respond and by maintaining a pure thought for 68 SECONDS you make it a dominant thought and will receive matching manifestations. So decide the picture you WANT to create and THINK and FEEL IT into being in earnest today!” -Cynthia Bischoff

“On a trip back from visiting my family four hours away, I reflected and realized that this I know deeply: If I had only one day to live I would completely surrender myself as much as possible to live each second with an open, connected heart. I’d spend my time loving other dear souls and be there as completely and as fully as I could be. . . . It’s important to take a spiritual pilgrimage now and then (to Egypt or even if to your backyard) to know these things.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Some days you just have to put on your happy feet and dance, especially if it’s mid-week and you need the energy!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Ever had a wonderful holiday weekend? Too short? Just REWIND THE HAPPINESS and know that every day is just an opportunity to create more joy. Why not laugh and play as your life unfolds, rather than become serious and stressed? On your 80th Birthday you’ll only remember the good stuff!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Signs are all around us. Everything we see and feel is an instrument for understanding.  Know that all of nature is simply a MESSAGE FROM SPIRIT—an avenue to deeper faith and awe!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Life is precious. There are no ordinary moments. Every moment is part of the single day and of the entire experience of life. Each day DECLARE what you want. What we declare goes out as a law of our mind and COMES BACK AS EXPERIENCE!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Have you ever thought that “universe—uni-verse” means “ONE SONG”? Beyond all form is an intelligence that is amazingly perfect and that operates in synchronistic fashion.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“You’ve lived some life already. You’ve passed through some pretty incredible milestones. Your circle may be large or small, but YOU are important. You have the power to change not only YOUR world but the world around you. Let us join our hands and with our hands our hearts!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“It is a mark of growth to discover how un-lonely being alone can be. ‘Alone’ as a word derives from two words: ‘All One.’” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Your life experience unfolds in precise response to the vibrations that radiate as a result of your thoughts—whether you know it or not. Your thoughts change the behavior of everyone and everything around you. THE BETTER YOU FEEL, the more everything and everyone around you IMPROVES!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Each person has deep needs for love whether expressed or not. Take this perfect moment to tell someone you love them.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Today is the day to weave a new color into your dream. Your creative self is leading you into new territory. Will you travel there?” –Cynthia Bischoff

“There will always be bullying people and toxic bosses with their own agendas. So, while pressures come and go, you are the one who remains constant. Raise the vibration of all your exchanges. You and your character are the determining variables in your life equation!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“You can react to anything in your life with faith rather than doubt. Look forward to each day, each week, with anticipation, grateful for this opportunity to be alive, and know with confidence that you are going to be able to handle what comes to you.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Spend some heart-felt time today. Surround yourself with those who raise your spirit—and be sure to raise theirs!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Less trying, less striving, less pushing, less racing can lead to surprisingly more living. Take a moment today to smell the flowers.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“See yourself moving through the day, floating through what you have to do with a smile on your face. Don’t go to the bank expecting to have to wait in a long line. Expect to get there at just the right time when there is no line. DISSOLVE ANY DISBELIEF, even in the smallest, most insignificant instance. You create through what you expect.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“We are related to every form of life on this planet. As your soul evolves, you grow into greater awareness of this relationship. BECOME A PARTNER with the Universe. Pray. Meditate. ACT on behalf of your world.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Today, your job is to welcome the blessings that befall you. Open your heart to magic and miracles. Keep your eyes open for signs and messages that point the way!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Betrayal, of all the wounds that may be suffered by the soul, can be the greatest agent of the sacred. Instead of engaging in an endless loop of misery, feel the pain and then detach from the story line. When you can still CHOOSE LOVE AFTER BETRAYAL, you move into wisdom greater than your own. Let it go.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Your soul mate is not another person. Your soul mate is the contents of your own soul. It will never lie to you, cheat you, or leave you.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“If we look deeply inside, we find the paradise from which we have all come. Invite love, the tour guide, into your heart.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Revel in simplicity. Study a single rose, tulip, or Gerber daisy. Take time to admire the color and shape of the petals. GIVE THANKS. Today is going to be a heart-felt day!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Today a thousand doors are open to you inviting you to offer your gift to our world. To live at this time is a true privilege, so accept this sacred opportunity. TODAY IS THE DAY to venture forth and DO something worthwhile!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“It’s time to call up the mystic in ourselves and listen to the Earth’s pain. Let us CREATE NEW RELATIONSHIPS AMONG NATIONS AND PEOPLE to heal Mother Earth.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Wake each day with A JOYFUL HEART and give thanks for another day of loving. Your days are your life. Period. How you spend them ends up being your life.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“When you go deeply into your own heart, you find yourself welcomed home just like the prodigal son. YOU ARE THE ONE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Spiritual meaning is not learned by ‘flight from this world,’ or by running away from pressures, or necessarily by being alone. Instead, somehow we must find God in the confusion and even stress that often define this world. EVERY FACE MIRRORS SOMETHING OF DIVINITY BACK TO US. Can you recognize in all things the beautiful expression of God’s being?” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Have faith in yourself. Trust in the significance of your life and the contribution that you bring to the world simply by being you. YOU ARE A CAUSE, NOT A RESULT. Listen to your heart and use it as a compass to guide your choices and actions. Make our world a better place because you were alive.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“We often demand that mothers love perfectly, live selflessly and never make mistakes. Yet mothers are just women with the same self-esteem issues, the same needs and the same weaknesses and strengths as everyone else. When we can love our mothers for all of this, we can love ourselves more fully–This Mother’s Day extend to your mother love and compassion in person or in your heart, for it will be returned to you.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Life is an adventure! Like all good movies featuring heroes and villains, surprises and predictable actions, we allow for the journey keeping love as our ultimate plot. Knowing we can’t control everything, we can embrace adventures of every kind, raising our consciousness and gaining a broader perspective. MAY YOU FIND MEANING IN EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Never assume that you must struggle alone. Remember to ask for help. Others can be a source of great strength, and there is tremendous grace others receive as they help you. Remember we all belong to one another.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Listen to that voice inside that tells you ‘you are on the right path.’ Especially listen to it when someone tries to tell you otherwise. They are simply looking in another direction.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Life is about 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“What are you grateful for that you did when you were younger?” –I remember playing softball in the yard with friends during summers–the crack of the bat, the dirt under my bare feet, Mom giving us cold popsicles mid-game. The air was fresh and I was carefree! And you?” –Cynthia Bischoff

“The rocks in your path are either stumbling blocks or stepping stones. You get to decide.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“It’s time to realize the blueprint of your soul. To be yourself. It’s much easier to be who you are 100 percent of the time than to be something else, even for a moment!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“A client met with me recently to decide whether or not she should end a very painful and difficult relationship. I have learned from my Japanese friends: THERE IS SUFFERING THAT CREATES MORE SUFFERING, AND THERE IS SUFFERING THAT ENDS SUFFERING.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“My most profound experience was with a client who came to me who was told she had three weeks to live. She lived four months. We met regularly for healing work to ease her pain. She taught me how fragile life can be and how beautiful a vulnerable soul truly is. This was the quote I told her that she said moved her most: ‘THE GOWN WE LEAVE IN HAS NO POCKETS.’” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Bear gifts. Keep little presents like scented candles or homemade jams on hand. Offer them to friends for no reason in particular. When you give to others, the world seems more generous and you feel good. And when you share who you really are with others, you find you are not an isolated case, but rather a piece of the larger whole of a wonderful, amazing world.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“While many people allow the thoughts of ‘This will never change’ or ‘Nobody understands me,’ joyful people adopt a different attitude. They do NOT buy into their problems as special or unchangeable. They pursue new choices, focus on a happy future and know the value of creating a positive now.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“People live their lives like the present moment hardly exists–using the past to give them identity and the future as hope for redemption. Our power is in the PRESENT moment since all life unfolds in the present. Keep the good parts of your past in your ‘mental photo album.’ Let go of the ‘bad’ in the same way that you would not save pictures that were out of focus or distorted. Take ‘new’ pictures now!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to rather than opposing the flow of life. Did you know that flow is your natural state? You actually have to work at it to create chaos.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“When you do not feel blessed or expect good things, this indicates a degree of resisting. You cannot stand in resistance and receive. Trust that life is good and that every minute is holy. All experiences are simply ways for you to polish your soul.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“I loved spending time with my grandmother. It wasn’t just what she said or did–rather how I felt just being with her–listening to her stories, watching the moonlight on her face as we sat together on her porch. There is so much to be learned from our loved ones in their simple gestures–what gave them strength and allowed them to endure. What is your favorite memory?” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Want to achieve a goal? Make it seductive and compelling. Write down the things you’ll get to enjoy when you have achieved it. Think about this in detail and in sensory terms. Make the goal come alive—taste it, smell it, and imagine what it will feel like to have it! Then create a theme word to remind you of it—like ‘ease,’ ‘balance,’ or ‘wonder’! Let optimism be your fuel.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Do your actions inspire others to love more, learn more, or become more? Do you know how very important you are in this world and what tremendous power of influence you have?” –Cynthia Bischoff

“The best way to combat depression is to change any habit of negative thinking. This type of thinking will diminish the quality of your life. And if it seems impossible to disengage from your struggle, it’s not. If you can realize the distinction between you and your struggle, you can realize that there’s nothing wrong with you that positive thinking and belief in yourself cannot heal!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“‘Fall down seven times, stand up eight!’—this is a proverb my friends in Japan say. Remember that errors are for learning and just a source of information. Make building your confidence and believing in yourself a habit. If you are ever in an insecure moment, ask yourself ‘How would I behave if I felt really confident?’ People take you at your own estimation.” –Cynthia Bischoff

Challenge!–“You bring out the BEST in me”:  Take a moment to contact someone who brings out the best in you and thank them.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Have you ever felt like you were living in parentheses–not sure how you got there or how to get out?” –Cynthia Bischoff

“If you must end something (e.g., leave a job or divorce a person due to difficulties), be sure to do so with peace because if you leave or divorce with anger, you’re still there.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“In an authentic relationship, intimacy stands for ‘into-me-see.’ It is a process of each of you allowing yourselves to be seen for who you really are, minus the pretenses. If your common ground involves two loving hearts and a desire to grow, every loving-kindness is a deposit in the emotional bank account that you share. Remember always to GIVE what you wish to receive.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“If you find yourself mired in fear or simply overwhelmed by your present circumstances, lift yourself above yourself and look down. In so doing, you can hold a ‘sacred viewpoint’ in your life. Miraculously, the big things start to become the little things. It’s all an issue of perception.” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Perfectionism isn’t a desire for perfection but rather a desire to avoid imperfection. It’s an attempt to live in an imaginary world. Why not decide that your world is already perfect and go out and have a great weekend!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“Worrying is like running a low-grade fever of fear. Most often it is destructive and fiction-based. Always remember that you have a choice at all times in how to respond to everything. You are not trying out for a part in someone else’s drama!” –Cynthia Bischoff

“We try to control what we feel insecure about. Control is an illusion. The key to releasing anxiety or depression isn’t more control, but rather it’s cultivating self-trust that you can handle life’s challenges as they unfold– because you can.” –Cynthia Bischoff

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