The word “miracle” has come a long way from its original meaning, derived from the Latin “miraculum” which means “to cause wonder and astonishment,” and “mirus,” which means “wonderful to see.” A miracle, therefore, is something that is extraordinary, inexplicable, and unexplainable by normal standards.

According to Webster, the standard definition for a miracle is something that goes against the normal laws of nature and is usually ascribed to some super power. In fact, virtually all religions express a belief in miracles.

In our current society, we are taught to believe only in those things we can logically understand. We are generally not taught that Universal Law reveals limitless potential or that Universal Power can be used to work miracles in our lives.

What we need to know is that miracles are not logical and that we are connected to an unlimited source of energy and power. To open yourself to a miracle, pay attention to these principles:

  • Stillness: Empty your mind through practicing stillness and moments of quiet receptiveness.
  • Alignment: Align yourself with your heart and practice compassion in your world. Know that everything is energy (you included) and everything is available to you.
  • Request: Make a request that is clear and decisive.
  • Visualize and Feel: Elevate yourself to a higher state. Envision yourself happy, healthy, and whole, receiving what you have requested. See and feel this.
  • Gratitude: Practice an attitude of gratitude. Give thanks for what you know you will receive.

Now set up the conditions and believe your miracle into being!