Body Work

To Understand the Body/Mind/Spirit Concept

The body, mind, and spirit are fully integrated and are constantly engaging in a dynamic exchange.  Our wellness depends upon all factors–the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Over the years, the nature of health care has been shifting dramatically.  More and more attention is being given to alternative therapies and holistic views of wellness.   These views, often based on ancient approaches to understanding disease and body healing, regard illness as highly linked to the perspective of the human spirit, or the body’s life-force energy.   For example, what part does consciousness play in the creation of disease? What role does stress and our attitudes toward life play in who becomes sick and who stays well?

A new model of wellness that can be termed “energy medicine” is a synthesis of the best of ancient healing theories combined with new discoveries.  From an energy medicine viewpoint, the human body is composed of different kinds of vibrating energy and is a dynamic energy system of body, mind, and spirit.

While we know that our cells are fed by various nutrients derived from the food that we eat and the oxygen we breathe, our cells are also fed by our life-force energy.  The energy system feeding our cells is affected by different factors, such as our emotions, our relationship to ourselves, and our ability to connect with others in relationship.

This energy medicine view holds that our consciousness is a kind of energy itself, not limited to our brain and heart, but an integral aspect of our body, mind, and spirit.   Theories of energy medicine also hold that our reactions to life are recorded in seven primary centers of energy in our body, known as the “chakras.”  These chakras, or spinning wheels of energy and light, help to nourish our cells and organs. In the energetic view of health, we possess bodies that are part of our whole energetic being whose disease may be healed not just by surgery and traditional Western options of treatment, but also by treatments that enhance and alter the body’s energy patterns, particularly in the chakras.

The body’s health is also related to the meridians in the body, or energy pathways, that are related to the body’s organs. According to theories of traditional Chinese medicine, illness may result from an imbalance in the flow of energy through the meridians to the body’s organs.

Treatments based on energy medicine, then, work with the body as a dynamic system of energy.  The body is not just the housing for the psyche. The body and the psyche, according to many theorists, are one.  Therefore, working with the body is a powerful way to encounter the psyche.

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