You Are Powerful

Throughout our lifetime we develop and learn to operate from a sense of our own power.  Often major spiritual tests in life involve how we use our power.  These spiritual  lessons can involve circumstances in which you do not own your own power enough, or when you wield too much power, might involve dominating others.

Personal power is considered a fundamental key to psychological health and spiritual growth. The ideal is to own your own power  in a considerate manner never wavering while remaining mindful of love and considerate behavior with others.

So how do you balance the use of your own power?

You want to be sure that you do not  give your life to others to make your choices or simply fail to develop your own sense of self and to individuate. Pay attention to the needs of your heart and affirm your own worthiness.

Likewise, you must be cautious about dominating others and must offer them the same respect for their own life that you desire.  It is through owning and balancing your personal power that self-mastery over your own energy takes place.

Mindful Living In A Busy World

Have you ever needed one seminar that would improve the way you are living your life? One that would help you balance and harmonize your daily living? Here it is!

On Saturday, April 28, 2018, I will be teaching The Art of Living Mindfully in a Busy World, a one day seminar, from 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel & Conference Center, Virginia Beach, VA.

In this inspirational workshop full of practical tools and wisdom, you will discover the art of learning how to:

  • Calm down and relax (tips on meditation)
  • Think productively (how to program your thoughts away from worry and despair)
  • Handle your emotions wisely (find balance)
  • Communicate effectively (use tools to improve relationships)
  • Exercise an open mind, release judgment, and forgive (important for positive change)
  • Honor your body and value and manage your energy (necessary for healing)
  • Free yourself from pain and trauma (lighten the load of life).
  • Methods include lecture, discussion, practical exercises, and hypnotherapy for positive living with prosperity & gratitude.

Program Fee: $165.00 and includes lunch & materials. Early Bird special is $150 until 4/1/18.

REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY: No refunds after April 10, 2018.

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On Purpose

What is your purpose? You are always discovering your purpose when you ask yourself “Why am I here?” If you ask yourself this question and are still not sure, just look back on your life. You have been fulfilling your purpose your entire life even if you don’t know consciously what your purpose is.

So how do you find out your purpose?

  • Your purpose can be summed up in a few short words. It is helpful to start with “I am ________.” If you keep your statement simple, you will remember it and allow it to inspire you. It might become more detailed later but start with simple words.
  • Your purpose should indicate direction and movement. For example, “I am a person” may be true, but it doesn’t indicate movement and direction. “I am a loving explorer of life” is closer to describing your purpose.
  • Your purpose is not a goal and can never be checked off on a list in the way that a goal can. Your goals are just desires achieved along life’s purpose.
  • Your purpose is instead the essence of your life in every moment and you are constantly fulfilling it.
  • If your desire is to be loving, but you’ve spent your life in a more begrudging than loving way, you simply need to bring yourself more in alignment with your intended purpose. Pay attention to the times and places that you can CHOOSE to be more loving to others and to yourself.
  • When your actions line up with your intentions (purpose), you will find that you move into a state of greater flow and the essence of your life changes.

As for my own experience, I knew early on in life that I was a teacher and seeker of knowledge. I also came to know that I felt most in synch when I sought to raise my own consciousness as I raised the consciousness of others.

While I started my career in an academic setting, I felt that I would realize the best version of myself if I were in a setting that had no outer-imposed limitations. Hence, I have with excitement explored many venues of learning, become an entrepreneur, and hope in this way to bring new ideas to you. My purpose? –I am an inspiration to myself and others. I seek to raise the consciousness of others as I raise my own consciousness, bringing greater love and freedom to all.

Finally, what is your contribution to your world? What is the BEST version of you? Your purpose is to BE the best version of you!

Welcoming 2018

2017 was an incredible year of change! I hope you were inspired and took action to grow personally or professionally. How are you preparing for another powerful year of self-discovery and growth?

At the beginning of the New Year, I often spend an hour or so doing an exercise alone that allows me to reflect with hope as well as provide insight for the coming year. I want to share with you what I do and a method I have used in case this would interest you. I have done this for many years. If you read this after the start of the year, no problem, since this can be done any time of year. It just happens to be a new year’s ritual for me.

You can choose a deck of spiritual cards or another meditative tool.

(1) First, I light a candle and listen to soft music, spending about 10 minutes quietly reflecting on the previous year. I ask that my actions from that year be blessed and purified to seed new actions in the coming year.

(2) Next, I focus on the coming year. Using a chart or written sheet with questions and spaces for answers (people have created neat ways to record), I ask the following questions and draw at least one card per question to see what the “energy” of that question might bring. I then record my answers. I am able throughout the new year to reflect on the questions and cards drawn that I drew in this exercise. Here are the questions I ask and maybe some of these may inspire you:

  • What overall energy best describes the teachings for me in 2017?
  • What overall energy will best help me in the New Year 2018?
  • If (when) faced with challenges for growth in 2018, what is the best energy for me to remember?
  • To balance my daily living for 2018, what do I need to remember (regarding doing/being)?
  • In order to manifest my heart’s desires for 2018, what energy would be helpful?
  • For each month (I list them out), what will give me insight into the energy of that month?
  • What energy best reflects the “mental” picture for 2018?
  • What energy best reflects the “emotional” picture for 2018?
  • What energy best reflects the “physical” picture for 2018?
  • What energy best reflects the “spiritual” picture for 2018?

(3) I post this sheet with the completed questions and comments on a bulletin board or back of a door simply to glance at it periodically throughout the year for reflection. (By the way, if you are in a relationship, you can also choose individual as well as joint cards for certain questions.)

I wish you the VERY BEST in 2018 and look forward to a powerful year together. Remember to subscribe to my blog for inspiration and insider information about Heartliving workshops and products.

Many blessings to you in 2018! –With gratitude, Cynthia

Such Stuff As Dream Are Made On

Heartliving Workshop, The Power of Your Dreams, coming up on Saturday, November 4, 2017, 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., has quickly filled up. Good news however— a few spaces are still available!

Your dreams are extremely powerful as a source of information and healing. In this exciting and informative workshop, we will explore:

  • The history of dreams and approaches to dream analysis
  • Sleep stages and cycles, particularly progression of five sleep stages
  • Tips for achieving a good night’s sleep and remembering your dreams
  • Types of dreams, such as night terror, lucid dreams, & paranormal dreams in particular?
  • Format for keeping a dream journal of entries;
  • Ways to categorize your dreams, for example, clearance, spiritual guidance, psychic/prophetic, and lucid dreams;
  • The thirteen themes of spiritual guidance dreams;
  • What “chase,” “search,” “avoidance,” “entrapment,” and “flying” dreams may mean
  • Meanings of dreams of injury, disease, or fighting, as well as recurrent dreams;
  • Importance of dream fragment
  • Ways to enhance dream recall, including creative dreaming activities!

Program Fee: $165 (includes course materials, supplies, and food).

Ready to Enhance Your Life? Call Diane Roche, 757.467.6470, by October 31st to register.

Color Therapy

Many of us are affected by the colors around us—either positively or negatively. The eyes are the sense organs that allow color to enter the body, yet methods of chromotherapy (color therapy), a form of energy therapy used in different cultures, is based on the idea that color enters the body through the eyes as well as the skin. It is believed that light and color affect our environment and also our bodies.

The science behind color therapy is that the universe is a magnetic field full of positive and negative charges of vibration. Each color’s vibrational wavelength is different and has varying therapeutic values that affect our organs. Different colors can relax and also stimulate a person’s body, mind, and spirit. Here are a few examples of effects of color:

  • Yellow: energizing and uplifting; encourages positive feelings and calms tension;
  • Red: stimulating and strengthening for the body;
  • Purple: balancing for mental and nervous imbalances; spiritual association;
  • Blue: calming and cool, inspires inner peace; gives a sense of security;
  • Green: harmonizing; the color of nature that connects us to the Earth.

In color therapy, it is believed that when colors enter the body as light, they have an effect on the overall health and well-being of our chakras, organs, and meridians. Find ways to incorporate color therapy into your wardrobe, home and/or work decor, and change the way you feel!