Flow State

Before the advent of modern technology, our intuition is what kept us alive. Our ancestors paid careful attention to the land, seas, and seasons. They were highly attuned to the Earth’s rhythms and “reading” what was around and within them.

Through generations of observation and perception, they came to know their world intimately and to look for signs that would assist them on their life journey.

What our ancestors knew and what we have found out is that each of us is connected to a universal source of awareness that is often referred to as the “flow.” In modern times, how do we connect with this source of flow?

To start, we have to surrender trying to control things with our rational minds. Instead, we find a balance in our lives between directing and allowing–between understanding things rationally and allowing for intuitive awarenesses.

Studies have shown that the flow state is commonly associated with peak performance in creativity. When a person is in a highly creative state, the person has entered a state of flow that doesn’t feel restricted by outer conventions.

How might you enter this flow state? A first step is to practice listening to your intuition. In other words, don’t try to “figure things out” with your rational mind, but instead, allow for silence and be open to concepts, ideas, hunches, that may randomly come to you.

You could take an issue you want to explore. Pause, empty your mind of distractions, take a deep breath, and focus your mind on one or two words related to the issue. For example, you might want to change careers and the words “right livelihood” might come to you. Just focus on these words: “right livelihood.” As additional information comes to you about this, do not try to analyze it or intellectually understand what it means at that moment. Simply accept all images, ideas, words, and sounds that come since they may be fragments, or parts, of a whole message. Over time, additional fragments will come until you have a fuller message.

It is also helpful to keep an intuition journal–a log of your hunches, gut feelings, ideas. You can “guess” before you get to work what color your first client may be wearing, which bank line will go quickest for service, how many messages are in your “In Box” when you log on. These are a few simple ways you can pause, intuit an idea, and then confirm your intuition.

Acknowledge that messages can come to you from roadway signs, license plates, radio songs, and so on. Be mindful of what things might mean or how they might be symbolic. Know that everything speaks to you when you request to be in the flow.

Think of each day as a blessed opportunity to connect with your world in a sacred way!

Let Go of The Past

Often, clients ask whether or not it is really helpful to explore past unresolved issues. It is okay to question whether going back into the past is pertinent to being in your life right now. I believe that most often it is since the past is often symbolic of the present. The past may hold a trigger or hook as related to your current situation.

Even though you are living right now, it is often helpful to work with feelings about past events. Often painful, unresolved issues affect what is happening in the present. When you work through past issues, it does not mean that you are going back to live in the past. Often when you return to old memories, you will find that something is crying out for release.

A technique that may help you is to allow yourself to go back to a particular painful incident and bring it into your awareness as you sit quietly. State the intention that you will review the incident from the “Witness” standpoint. What if you could hover above the scene and view it? As feelings come up, stay the witness to them. If there are certain issues that feel too painful to move into, they are usually the most pertinent ones that are needing attention. They are also possibly influencing you in ways that you may not suspect in the present. What was the meaning of them in the past? What is the meaning now? How is your current situation like and not like the past?

When you go back into the past, you may or may not gain understanding right away. Most importantly, just allow the feelings to come up and experience and accept them. This will help to integrate the feelings, and understanding will most often occur as a result of integration.

And then there is the question of “When is enough, enough?” If you start to find that there is “power” in your wound, you will hold onto it. That type of power is not true power. So, yes, when you “feel” that you have moved through the feeling (and I think you will know when this occurs), you move on.

Crowd Pleaser?

Do you try to please everyone? –Try to control everything so as not to meet your fears? –Try to be a superstar at your own expense because, after all, YOU can do it best?

Here are a few tips for living in better balance:

1. Understand that reactionary behavior perpetuates states of imbalance, so instead of quickly reacting, try pausing, thinking things through, and then responding with conscious intention.

2. If you are a human “doing,” anxiety may feel natural. Try relaxing so that you have a reference point for balance.

3. Practice mindfulness in the moment. Be here now. For example, when you wash a dish, truly wash it, feel the soapy water and sponge, without having your mind be somewhere completely different.

4. Focus on your breathing from time to time. You can wear a rubber band on your wrist (assuming you don’t normally do this!) and when you notice it throughout the day, check in with your breathing. Breathe deeply from your lower abdomen and slowly, allowing the breath to relax your body.

5. Challenge your assumptions and beliefs about anything that troubles you. What is really happening in the situation? Let go of ideas that do not serve you.

6. Practice mind-body methods, such as meditation, walking, listening to relaxing music–all of which will calm your spirit and help take you out of the rat-race pace.

By slowing down in general, in a very magical way, you become more focused and less distracted, better able to respond to what is important in your life.

You Are Powerful

Throughout our lifetime we develop and learn to operate from a sense of our own power.  Often major spiritual tests in life involve how we use our power.  These spiritual  lessons can involve circumstances in which you do not own your own power enough, or when you wield too much power, might involve dominating others.

Personal power is considered a fundamental key to psychological health and spiritual growth. The ideal is to own your own power  in a considerate manner never wavering while remaining mindful of love and considerate behavior with others.

So how do you balance the use of your own power?

You want to be sure that you do not  give your life to others to make your choices or simply fail to develop your own sense of self and to individuate. Pay attention to the needs of your heart and affirm your own worthiness.

Likewise, you must be cautious about dominating others and must offer them the same respect for their own life that you desire.  It is through owning and balancing your personal power that self-mastery over your own energy takes place.

Mindful Living In A Busy World

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  • Exercise an open mind, release judgment, and forgive (important for positive change)
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