Throughout our lifetime we develop and learn to operate from a sense of our own power.  Often major spiritual tests in life involve how we use our power.  These spiritual  lessons can involve circumstances in which you do not own your own power enough, or when you wield too much power, might involve dominating others.

Personal power is considered a fundamental key to psychological health and spiritual growth. The ideal is to own your own power  in a considerate manner never wavering while remaining mindful of love and considerate behavior with others.

So how do you balance the use of your own power?

You want to be sure that you do not  give your life to others to make your choices or simply fail to develop your own sense of self and to individuate. Pay attention to the needs of your heart and affirm your own worthiness.

Likewise, you must be cautious about dominating others and must offer them the same respect for their own life that you desire.  It is through owning and balancing your personal power that self-mastery over your own energy takes place.