What is your purpose? You are always discovering your purpose when you ask yourself “Why am I here?” If you ask yourself this question and are still not sure, just look back on your life. You have been fulfilling your purpose your entire life even if you don’t know consciously what your purpose is.

So how do you find out your purpose?

  • Your purpose can be summed up in a few short words. It is helpful to start with “I am ________.” If you keep your statement simple, you will remember it and allow it to inspire you. It might become more detailed later but start with simple words.
  • Your purpose should indicate direction and movement. For example, “I am a person” may be true, but it doesn’t indicate movement and direction. “I am a loving explorer of life” is closer to describing your purpose.
  • Your purpose is not a goal and can never be checked off on a list in the way that a goal can. Your goals are just desires achieved along life’s purpose.
  • Your purpose is instead the essence of your life in every moment and you are constantly fulfilling it.
  • If your desire is to be loving, but you’ve spent your life in a more begrudging than loving way, you simply need to bring yourself more in alignment with your intended purpose. Pay attention to the times and places that you can CHOOSE to be more loving to others and to yourself.
  • When your actions line up with your intentions (purpose), you will find that you move into a state of greater flow and the essence of your life changes.

As for my own experience, I knew early on in life that I was a teacher and seeker of knowledge. I also came to know that I felt most in synch when I sought to raise my own consciousness as I raised the consciousness of others.

While I started my career in an academic setting, I felt that I would realize the best version of myself if I were in a setting that had no outer-imposed limitations. Hence, I have with excitement explored many venues of learning, become an entrepreneur, and hope in this way to bring new ideas to you. My purpose? –I am an inspiration to myself and others. I seek to raise the consciousness of others as I raise my own consciousness, bringing greater love and freedom to all.

Finally, what is your contribution to your world? What is the BEST version of you? Your purpose is to BE the best version of you!