Many of us are affected by the colors around us—either positively or negatively. The eyes are the sense organs that allow color to enter the body, yet methods of chromotherapy (color therapy), a form of energy therapy used in different cultures, is based on the idea that color enters the body through the eyes as well as the skin. It is believed that light and color affect our environment and also our bodies.

The science behind color therapy is that the universe is a magnetic field full of positive and negative charges of vibration. Each color’s vibrational wavelength is different and has varying therapeutic values that affect our organs. Different colors can relax and also stimulate a person’s body, mind, and spirit. Here are a few examples of effects of color:

  • Yellow: energizing and uplifting; encourages positive feelings and calms tension;
  • Red: stimulating and strengthening for the body;
  • Purple: balancing for mental and nervous imbalances; spiritual association;
  • Blue: calming and cool, inspires inner peace; gives a sense of security;
  • Green: harmonizing; the color of nature that connects us to the Earth.

In color therapy, it is believed that when colors enter the body as light, they have an effect on the overall health and well-being of our chakras, organs, and meridians. Find ways to incorporate color therapy into your wardrobe, home and/or work decor, and change the way you feel!