“Prosperity is a part of the natural process of life…. Countless men and women have … moved beyond the illusion of scarcity into the reality of unlimited wealth.” –John Randolph Price

Abundance has been said to mean different things to different people, but it is generally defined by a person’s ideas about what he or she believes is available to him or her.

Perhaps to some, abundance is measured by quantity. It might be seen as having access to a storehouse of plenty where anything one needs is available to him or her. In this way, abundance might be measured by believing that you can have enough of something or more than enough if you so desire.

From a soul or metaphysical standpoint, though, abundance is more related to quality. In this way, abundance would refer to being one with a Source of plenty that exists in its highest consciousness. To feel and be connected to abundance in this way would imply that each of us is connected to an unlimited Source of supply that not only has all that we need and everyone needs, but a Source that responds to our needs with a high quality of awareness. Through our language, behavior, and belief, we “tell” this Source what we need. Therefore, our ideas, thoughts, words, and actions are extremely important to what we manifest.

What does abundance mean to you? It has been said that each of us determines what abundance is and defines it through our own thinking. Abundance is said to be like an ocean. We can go to the ocean with a small pot and get only a small amount of water or we can go with a large truck and take more. It really doesn’t matter to the ocean nor will it change the ocean either way, but it is our consciousness that determines what we decide is available to us.

Another way to view it would be to imagine that each of us is placing an order with a shipping clerk who isn’t biased about our order at all. The clerk wants to fill our request. We just have to clearly fill out the form. Our currency that we send in as payment is our faith and beliefs!

A mantra that we can say is: “Abundance flows through my life in surprising and miraculous ways every day!”