Your Relationship With Money

by Cynthia Bischoff on March 19, 2017

Money is energy that has been directed by human thought and consciousness for thousands of years. Over time money has become associated more with power than with a divine connection. Because of this, it is often a source of conflict and strife.  The greatest problems in most marriages involve money, and the greatest motivation for crime is money.

We have translated the symbol of money with a connection to power and scarcity which, in turn, drives negative thoughts and behaviors.

By reconnecting money with the power of the Divine and the metaphysics of abundance, we can alter our relationship not only to money but to each other.

The American dollar bill is laden with the symbolism of the sacred:

  • Above the word “one” is the phrase “In God We Trust.”
  • To the right is a circle with the American Eagle, the secular symbol of our nation.
  • On the left is another circle with a pyramid and an eye replacing the point of the pyramid.  This is called “The Eye of Horus” which in ancient Egyptian mythology was the “all-seeing eye of God.”
  • Above the pyramid are the Latin words, “Annuit Coeptis” which means “He has favored our undertakings.”
  • Below the pyramid are the Latin words, “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” or “New Order of the Ages.”

As you can see, every dollar bill that moves through our hands is sacred energy.  An important step is to study your views and attitudes about money.  The way you handle money is a mirror for the way you handle other forms of energy in your life.  Your intentions and your integrity harness the energy of money.

Be sure to align money with your higher values, e.g., love, truth, honor, compassion.  As you express the higher qualities you think more money will give you, radiating those qualities outward with your words, actions, and being, you will become magnetic to money and objects that are physical expressions of your new level of consciousness.

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