umbrella sunThoughts and beliefs are the basic elements of our life creation,
and without knowing it, we can allow our individual beliefs to hold us back.

On a daily basis, we make all kinds of assumptions and attachments to things and people that may not be good for us. Some of this is based on old beliefs. So it makes sense then, that by changing our old, unhelpful beliefs, we can attract new and better experiences and circumstances into our lives.

We have both empowering as well as limiting beliefs. Some beliefs support us and some undermine us.

So be sure to ask yourself, what thoughts do I accept as true about myself? Because those thoughts will shape your life.

You see, your strongest beliefs will always play out in your life experiences. And what are your strongest beliefs?…

They are those thoughts that begin with “I am,” such as “I am kind”; “I am smart”; but also—-negative statements, such as “I am lazy.”

All “I am” thoughts are your strongest and also your most limiting or empowering thoughts because they relate directly to your sense of self.

If I believe “I am worthy” or “I am smart,” I will have a different experience than if I believe “I am worthless” or “I am powerless.”

Think about your thoughts as you would radio waves. If you tune your radio dial into a specific station, you will pick up that station. If you tune your life into “I am powerless,” you will pick up signals for that station.

We all engage in self-talk throughout the day (those words we say to ourselves in our heads). They’ve been referred to as the “Inner Critic” or “the Judge Within.”

If you are saying to yourself “I am powerless,” these words will want to validate themselves. Now in turn, imagine that these thoughts are magnetic so what do you think they are likely to attract? Yes, they’ll attract experiences to prove them right.

So the most important benefit of being positive is that this attracts positive experiences to you.

Remember: “I am worthy.  I create for myself a wonderful life.  I am happy and at peace.”