Let Freedom Ring!

by Cynthia Bischoff on July 4, 2015

fireworks lotsHow free do you feel? Is life passing you by? Are you in the game or a spectator?

So often we have been trained to ignore our “insides” and stay exclusively with “reality.” Being able to remain open to your gut feelings and to value their messages is a key to liberation. This experience of being free within the moment is the core of mindfulness and of real healing. Instead of managing or controlling the moment so that nothing surprises you, why not choose to live with the understanding that each moment is the gift of all there is?

For many of us, it may be hard to be fully present in each moment because we have so much to do. For example, when watching a movie, do you think, “I have to fold the socks?”; when driving, do you sometimes miss your exit? Or you may be so exhausted when you have down time that you can’t consider “experiencing the present moment fully.”

So often we hear of people who deprived themselves of “real” living or postponed full living while waiting for some future time to manifest. Their recitations may have been “when I retire…,” “when the kids are out of school…,” “when I have enough (fill in the blank)…” In fact, you may believe that the possibility of being fully present lies somewhere in the future and it will be highly managed and conditional when you put everything in place so that you can have it.

Take three steps today to create a deeper, more meaningful life:

  • Be mindful about the “busy-ness” you are creating in your life. Use your heart as a barometer to know when to say “yes” or “no.” Does saying “yes” make you feel heavy or light? Un-clutter your schedule.
  • Practice “sacred time” for yourself. Take a “time out” for at least five minutes each day. Breathe deeply and pay attention to your breathing. It reflects your life.
  • Give your full attention to what is occurring in each moment. Notice what is going on within you.

Use the next few days to try this out!

In essence, the gift of the moment is always with you. It is you who might be absent from it.


Positively Positive

by Cynthia Bischoff on June 27, 2015

“People and things do not upset us, rather we upset ourselves by believing that they can upset us.” –Albert Ellis

“We become what we think about all day long.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” –Shakespeare


Do you sometimes catch yourself verbalizing thoughts that are self-defeating? Do you hope desperately for something yet limit what you think you deserve, thereby dividing yourself against yourself?

Or do you understand that your thoughts do, in fact, create your reality, yet still feel unable to move your awareness about this into any conscious action to change?

It is my view that awareness is a first step toward conscious living. So how do you move through awareness into action? A necessary second step is willingness–that is, the willingness to hold consciousness in the moment toward what you wish to have or be. Remember that your knowledge is not complete unless you act on what you know.

For example, I may desire a better financial situation. My desire may not be congruent with my thoughts. Throughout the day, I may be lamenting that I do not have enough money and focusing on this lack.

So what can I do to align my thoughts with the reality that I wish to create?

An important step would be to act as though you already are what and where you would like to be. You would then concentrate on what it would look and feel like to have or be the desired result.

You can use the power of visualization to support your conscious thoughts. See yourself manifesting what you desire. If you wish to be out of debt, visualize yourself with all that you need financially, visualize a “0” debt balance. Add an affirmation that you repeat consciously each day: “I draw wealth to myself. I have all the money that I need to bring good into the world.” Choose words that resonate with you and match your positive visualization.

It would also be important to take note of what you do have–enough water, food, sun, air, clothes, shelter, friends, love, work. If you find yourself lamenting over what you do not have, remind yourself of two important things that you do have.

When you are able to take delight in what you do have and feel grateful, you will draw more to yourself. Energetically, it is as though you open yourself up to a state of flow and abundance.

Remember that positive changes are most often ignited by our willingness to believe in them!

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