Ignite Your Life!

by Cynthia Bischoff on February 19, 2017

Are you looking for a new way to celebrate February “Heart Month”? Then join me on February 21, 2017, from 6:00-8:00 pm, at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital, for a new seminar, “Heartliving: Ignite Your Life”. In this seminar, sponsored by Deepak Talreja, MD, Cardiovascular Associates, I will help you explore your heart as you recognize your life as your most precious gift. Through lecture and discussion, you will be encouraged to embrace positive action no matter your age or stage of life and to identify concrete possibilities for creating your best year yet!

The seminar fee is $25.00 and also includes a handout for easy reference of healing concepts. Spaces are limited and selling quickly.

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Yin and Yang: A Certain Balance

by Cynthia Bischoff on January 29, 2017

The Yin/Yang symbol is said to have been created by the followers of Lao Tzu who were known as Taoists. It expresses the concept of a universe that consists of two dominant forces–Yin and Yang–and reflects that these forces are in constant motion.

The wholeness of the Universe is symbolized by the circle. The color black reflects the Yin cycle–which refers to the night, the winter, feminine energy, and stillness. The color white reflects the Yang cycle–which refers to the daytime, the summer, masculine energy, and activity. The two are necessary for balance.

The essence of Yin and Yang is that we live in an ever-changing world and should go with the “flow” of change. Chinese sages also used the energy of Yang to represent heat and Yin to represent cold. Some interesting associations are:

YIN: Earth, Cold, Night, Winter, Passive, Softer, Flexible, Feminine

YANG: Heaven, Hot, Day, Summer, Active, Harder, Masculine.

Ancient Chinese medicine is based upon the concept of balancing Yin and Yang energy in the body. Feng Shui, the ancient philosophy of using natural elements and placement to balance energy in one’s environment, also involves the balance of Yin and Yang in addition to other applied principles.

In a future post, I will explore the application of Yin and Yang in ancient and modern society.


Heartliving: Ignite Your Life

January 22, 2017

In October 2016, at the request of Deepak Talreja, MD, Cardiovascular Associates, I presented a seminar on heart health, “Getting To The Heart Of Your Health.” The presentation was a success, and Dr. Talreja has asked me to speak again this February. I am honored. Are you looking for a new way to celebrate February “Heart […]

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Sacred View

January 15, 2017

When we are overwhelmed, it is difficult in that moment not to get caught in the minutia of life. Whatever is going on seems to BECOME our life–the whole of it. Our emotional response can be out of proportion to the events that are occurring. It is important to be able to step back at […]

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