Thoughts Create Reality

by Cynthia Bischoff on May 23, 2015

We are all unlimited beings, and only individual beliefs truly hold us back. Therefore, it is important to understand the fundamentals of thought to gain new insights into creating the life you want.

Thoughts and beliefs exist as tiny waves of energy called a “thoughtform,” a minute wave of energy that carries a vibrational frequency. Think of yourself as having an energetic signature that is derived from your beliefs. This signature attracts experiences into your life and can limit some beneficial experiences because of its vibration. So by changing your beliefs (and your vibrational frequency), it is possible to attract new, more desirable experiences into your life!

Which thoughtforms most rob you of manifesting your desires? –Fear, doubt, judgment, and worry are among the strongest!

Here are some tips for positive change:

1. Adopt the attitude that everything is happening for a good reason, so you can turn the negative vibration related to the experience you’ve had into a higher vibration.

2. Decide that you can learn something from every experience and that you are ready to let go of painful ones. Decide what you’ve “learned,” and move on.

3. Change your list of judgments you hold about yourself. If you are not your own advocate, who will be?

4. Monitor your self-talk and get rid of that inner critic by pausing and being mindful of how you view and treat yourself.

5. Practice positive affirmations and thoughts, such as “I love myself”; “I am worthy”; “Wonderful experiences come to me”!

6. Replace old negative behaviors with positive ones. Of course, positive thoughts lead to positive actions, so think positively and hold a structure for yourself to redirect the energy and vibration.

7. Remember that “like attracts like” and pay attention to where you are investing yourself and your spirit.

Know that what you REALLY expect, you receive, so expect good things to come to you!


Love The One You’re With

by Cynthia Bischoff on May 16, 2015

Your partner doesn’t have to be wrong for you to be right. Often we think that if we can just change this or that about our partner, the relationship would finally work. Does this sound familiar?

Some common-sense guidelines can help you to improve your relationship. These guidelines are based on effective principles of communication and should be practiced by both of you.


  • Maintain a friendship as well as a love relationship. Most couples who stay together do so because of a sense of friendship and respect that exists long after the romantic sparks fade. Friends generally like and accept each other as they genuinely are.
  • Don’t expect your partner to satisfy all of your relationship needs. Take good care of yourself. Maintain healthy friendships outside of your primary relationship, and you will be less apt to feel that you need your partner to “complete” you.
  • Practice active listening. Sometimes all your partner wants you to do is just listen. So listen carefully; then paraphrase back to your partner what you believe you heard him or her say. This may feel awkward at first, but it greatly helps to keep the communication clear. Talking over each other or not acknowledging what we’ve heard causes monologues rather than dialogues.
  • Know what you do want and communicate that clearly. We sometimes get stuck in repeating what we don’t want or like and don’t communicate clearly what we do want. We can also use arguments as a way of getting attention or engaging in drama. Find a more productive way to be in relationship.
  • Fight fairly. The language we use during a conflict is critical to our relationship. Calling each other names and blaming each other will dissolve trust and respect faster than anything else. And if this has already happened, you can commit to starting over now. Remember “up until now”!
  • Commit to change. Know that a healthy relationship is one that continues to evolve. Establish regular conversations with your partner to be sure important issues are being addressed and understood.
  • Soften your heart. Of all the tips, perhaps this is most important of all!

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Mothering the Soul

May 9, 2015

As young children, we held within our hearts the motherly feeling of knowing we would be okay. Who performed that role for you? It may have been your biological mother or “spiritual” mothers who have loved and mothered you in ways that cared for your soul. In some cases, not just your mother, but also […]

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Power & Love Workshop

May 2, 2015

Issues and lessons of power and love play out during our entire lifetime. Improve your relationships by attending Heartliving Workshop “Power & Love” on Satuday, May 30, 2015, at the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center, Virginia Beach, VA. During this insightful event, open to both men and women, we will discuss important dynamics that play […]

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