Just Listen

by Cynthia Bischoff on October 18, 2014

Communicating effectively whether at work or at home can improve your relationships and resolve all types of issues.

Being able to listen attentively through effective body language and eye contact is essential. It is likewise helpful to refer to the other person’s actions rather than to their sense of person. For example, if you use “I” statements rather than “you” statements, you are generally more effective. “I feel concerned. . .” is better than “You are doing that wrong.”

Here are some tips for more effective communication:

1. Listen carefully to what others say and refrain from thinking of your own response instead of listening.

2. Seek to resolve problems without being too emotional in your exchange.

3. Write down how you feel if you are emotionally charged and leave it aside for a few hours. Come back to it and re-evaluate your tone before sending any email or letter out.

4. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes in order to better understand the opposing viewpoint.

5. Be able to lighten up and even laugh at yourself in order to lessen tension.

6. Time your exchanges right. Don’t expect a person to listen when he/she is walking out the door.

7. Say you are sorry if you are: Being able to take responsibility for your errors will actually relieve your own stress.

8. Be kind not only to others, but also to yourself. Celebrate your communication successes!


“Sweet Dreams”

by Cynthia Bischoff on October 11, 2014

dream symbolsDreams present you with images and feelings. When you dream, you are often finding answers and solutions to the problems that exist in your waking life. Tapping into and understanding this source of wisdom can enhance your understanding of your life issues.

A dream symbol is an image from the unconscious that is important for you to understand in the present. Symbols can have personal associations, and exploring these associations can help you to understand the dream’s message. It is helpful, though, to understand general objective associations of the dream symbol since it may be revealing.

For example, if you dreamed about a blue horse, you may first remember upon waking that your grandmother had a blue horse figurine that sat on her dresser when you were a child. Yet upon looking further into a dream book, you would see that “horse” reflects “travel, power, and freedom.” The color “blue” may be associated with the throat in energy medicine and may symbolize “speaking your truth.” So why did you dream of a blue horse? Perhaps your grandmother herself is significant to you in her role in your childhood, yet it may reflect a need for you to look at your authentic self–your connection to travel, power, freedom, and truth in your life.

Dream symbols and themes are common among people, and even though each dream may have unique meaning for the dreamer, here are a few “simple” dream meanings based on general dream dictionary ideas:

Teeth (losing teeth or falling out): Loose teeth may relate to changes that are coming and this is considered a common theme in adolescence.

House: The house usually symbolizes the psychological or emotional self. What is the condition of the house in the dream?

Being chased: This may mean that you are being pursued by an aspect of yourself–maybe one that another part of you is avoiding.

Attic: Usually symbolizes your mind or thinking.

Bath: Taking a bath in a dream or attempting to do so may indicate a need for “inner cleansing.”

Vehicle: (What type of vehicle—bicycle, car, airplane?) A vehicle reflects our passage or journey through life. What is our method of transportation? The vehicle may indicate the “speed” of the journey.

Fences: Dreams of fences is said to indicate “boundary” issues: either a need for better boundaries or too much rigidity.

Death: Your own death in a dream reflects new beginnings!

Dreams are magical, and analyzing them is a fascinating process. Using on-line resources for dream interpretation or a good dream dictionary can provide you with insight into the meaning of the dreams, and hence, the meaning of your life!


Organized Living

October 4, 2014

Are you frequently engaged in a quest for your car keys? Do you fight with your closet to find what to wear? Is stress your daily companion? An organized life will allow you to have less chaos, more time, and even better mental health! Why do we become disorganized? First, the creation of physical chaos […]

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Get into the “Flow”

September 27, 2014

Before the advent of modern technology, our intuition is what kept us alive. Our ancestors paid careful attention to the land, seas, and seasons. They were highly attuned to the Earth’s rhythms and “reading” what was around and within them. Through generations of observation and perception, they came to know their world intimately and to […]

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