Tips For Positive Change

by Cynthia Bischoff on November 27, 2016

We are all unlimited beings, and only individual beliefs truly hold us back. Therefore, it is important to understand the fundamentals of thought to gain new insights into creating the life you want.

Thoughts and beliefs exist as tiny waves of energy called a “thoughtform,” a minute wave of energy that carries a vibrational frequency. Think of yourself as having an energetic signature that is derived from your beliefs. This signature attracts experiences into your life and can limit some beneficial experiences because of its vibration. So by changing your beliefs (and your vibrational frequency), it is possible to attract new, more desirable experiences into your life!

Which thoughtforms most rob you of manifesting your desires? –Fear, doubt, judgment, and worry are among the strongest!

Here are some tips for positive change:

1. Adopt the attitude that everything is happening for a good reason, so you can turn the negative vibration related to the experience you’ve had into a higher vibration.

2. Decide that you can learn something from every experience and that you are ready to let go of painful ones. Decide what you’ve “learned,” and move on.

3. Change your list of judgments you hold about yourself. If you are not your own advocate, who will be?

4. Monitor your self-talk and get rid of that inner critic by pausing and being mindful of how you view and treat yourself.

5. Practice positive affirmations and thoughts, such as “I love myself”; “I am worthy”; “Wonderful experiences come to me”!

6. Replace old negative behaviors with positive ones. Of course, positive thoughts lead to positive actions, so think positively and hold a structure for yourself to redirect the energy and vibration.

7. Remember that “like attracts like” and pay attention to where you are investing yourself and your spirit.

Know that what you REALLY expect, you receive, so expect good things to come to you!


Nurturing A Hungry Heart

by Cynthia Bischoff on November 20, 2016

Hunger exists in many forms. There is the hunger for food, but also the hunger for love, for purpose, for truth . . . and the hunger for a life that reflects that truth.

When an individual consistently or compulsively overeats, it may be unconsciously aimed at satisfying a hunger for something other than just food. It is important to recognize that the primary driving forces underlying overeating are often our deeply hidden wishes and fears. Understanding this is the first step toward feeding the true hunger.

Next, it is essential to become aware of any medical problems that might contribute to the overweight condition. Once that is addressed, if you are consistently unable to lose weight or keep it off and find yourself overeating, while you may be aware only of your wish to be thin, you must recognize that another wish does exist, whether it is conscious or unconscious. Your wish to be thin must override all your other wishes for it to be fulfilled.

It is often astonishing to become aware of our internal wishes that have been operating without our awareness. Some people unconsciously overeat as a way of symbolically recovering the feeling of being cared for. Eating has little to do with real hunger, but rather relates to a hunger for love. Eating is accompanied by the safe feeling of being nurtured and fed.

Some people use food to comfort themselves and have learned that when they cannot have another object (a person or thing), that they can have food to soothe themselves. In their families of origin, was food a substitute for love or nurturing or was it closely connected to nurturing or positive feelings?

If you are aware that your eating symbolically represents supplying love or nurturing to yourself, then it is critical that you also realize that overeating is not actually going to fulfill those needs.

Know that you can get these nurturing feelings in other ways, such as indulging in a good book, a friend’s company, a massage, a creative hobby, or a supportive group event as wonderful heart food that may be more sustaining. The important thing is to understand what’s driving the true hunger.


Inner Strength

October 30, 2016

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Body Intelligence

October 22, 2016

Today, many of us are aligned with our intellects, living almost exclusively in our heads, while our bodies are encased in layers of armor or tension. The body seems merely to transport the intellect from place to place. The body is actually a reflection of the soul and has much to tell us about our […]

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