Look Into Your Heart

by Cynthia Bischoff on August 28, 2016

Often, we suffer because we have roamed so far from our true core that we don’t know who we are. We haven’t looked into our own vulnerable hearts. What do you need? What does your heart wish to tell you?

We may run from our inner awareness because we feel that if we actually gave attention to our hearts, we would be overwhelmed.

Our perceptions are what make our life sacred or monstrous. These perceptions create our point of view about who we are, who other people are, and about life itself. We engage in our life dramas every day and are partnered with other cast members to share life’s lessons. Our issues and fears cause us to protect our real needs and even to negotiate away our power.

We may respond to life by making adjustments that cause us to cut off essential parts of ourselves to stay present with people and situations. We may deny our emotions because we’re afraid our partner will leave us. We may do work that does not inspire us because it keeps us feeling secure.

We decide how we think the world is and create a list of judgments about ourselves and others. The items on our list feel very real even though we don’t always check out the validity of them. We assume that we have to accept something because “that’s the way it is or it has always been that way.”

Here’s the key: Your freedom lies in challenging your beliefs, in removing any mask that keeps you from being your real “you,” and in waking up from the trance you have been living in.


Flying Dreams

by Cynthia Bischoff on August 21, 2016

Most people have at some point had a dream of flying. The more creative you are, the more likely you are to have flying dreams.

Flying dreams are considered “spiritual” and are seen as symbolic of several possibilities. They may indicate:

  • your relationship to your ambition in the world—your spirit is soaring high;
  • that you are trying to gain psychological freedom from everyday life;
  • that you can triumph over obstacles.

A dream in which you fly would suggest that whatever the circumstances are in your life, that you are seeking to reach for greater heights. You can assess the dream by looking at basic factors: How high are you flying? How are you feeling about this experience?

Dreams are magical, and analyzing them is a fascinating process. When you dream, you are to some extent finding answers to problems that have carried over into sleep from your waking life. Using on-line resources for dream interpretation or a good dream dictionary can provide you with insight into the meaning of the dreams, and hence, the meaning of your life!


Sound Healing

August 14, 2016

Sound is vibration, and we are vibration. Whether prayer, music, song, or chants—”sacred” sound can be an amazing healing force that has been considered a direct link to the divine. The ancient mystery schools taught students to use sound as a creative force that had the potential to heal not only the body, but also […]

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Tip For Balanced Living

August 7, 2016

Do you try to please everyone? –Try to control everything so as not to meet your fears? –Try to be a superstar at your own expense because, after all, YOU can do it best? Here are a few tips for living in better balance: 1. Understand that reactionary behavior perpetuates states of imbalance, so instead […]

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