Journey of Self-Discovery

by Cynthia Bischoff on August 22, 2015

I’ve had many roles in this life, but one that I enjoyed very much was the teaching of literature which I did for over 10 years. I always appreciated how literature can reflect well crafted slices of life. For example, in this quote from Shakespeare in All’s Well that Ends Well, the line reads: “The web of our own life is of mingled yarn. . . .”

I’ve always loved these words because they give me a visual image that is comforting about our lives. I do see my life as a tapestry—-and this tapestry at times can seem full of loose threads and knotted yarn. I sometimes reflect on how one painful or joyful thing is contributing to the bigger picture.

All of us experience challenges that may at times seem overwhelming, and I think we all wonder at times, how can I possibly overcome the circumstances I am finding myself in?

But we do overcome. And we find along the way that the greatest challenges almost always lead to the greatest growth. Or I like to say, the stumbling blocks on our path can become the stepping stones.

So if we go back to this tapestry we are weaving that we call our lives, we can hope that at the end of our lives, when we turn our life’s work of art over, we will witness a picture that is perfectly what it needed to be.

The knotted yarn, the loose threads–all of it had a purpose,
and in fact, in the end, without the presence of these seeming imperfections, the picture would not be as clear or as perfect as it ends up being.

So, you see from this point of view, we also understand that everything in our lives is happening with some sort of purpose—-all of it—-so that we may grow and learn, and create our world’s meaning.

Now, I am in no way suggesting that life is predestined, but rather that through the choices you make throughout your life, you are discovering not only your world, but also yourself.

Many blessings on this journey of self-discovery!


The Art of Manifesting

by Cynthia Bischoff on August 15, 2015

You probably know that healing doesn’t generally happen if your thoughts are unhealthy or negative. In fact, if you are often doubt-ridden, this doubt has a powerful influence on your ability to manifest.

Creating change requires courage and a structured attempt to let go of cynicism and self-criticism.

One of the ways we sabotage ourselves is through our language. Every thought is a form of energy that we send out to the universe that returns to us. So how might creating positive affirmations, or statements, assist you in manifesting what you desire?

Many intuitives and spiritual teachers guide us in the creation of positive affirmations. Here are some tips toward creating affirmations that will assist you on your journey:

  • When you create an affirmation, state it positively. (“I am healthy” vs. “I am not ill.”)
  • State it in the present as if you already have what you desire. (“I have abundant wealth” vs. “I will have wealth.”)
  • Make it concise. A one-sentence, succinct affirmation is best. (“I am forgiving and loving.”)
  • Make the affirmation about you and not others. (“I am full of energy” vs. “I receive prayers from others.”)
  • Make the affirmation specific and achievable. (“I exercise three times each week” vs. “I will exercise.”)

When your affirmation is clear, repeat it consistently each day. Trust that the universe hears your voice and heeds your request. Each day give thanks for what you know you will receive.

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The Importance of Self-Worth

August 8, 2015

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Body Language

August 1, 2015

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