Holiday Survival Tips

by Cynthia Bischoff on November 22, 2014

keep-calm-and-enjoy-holidays-2Holiday Season is here and with families gathering over the holidays, even the most “healthy” ¬†families can have difficulty trying to balance getting along with each other and not feeling stressed by expectations.

A few suggestions may go a long way in helping you create a happy holiday:

  • Don’t strive to be perfect or have a “perfect” holiday. While you can plan and prepare that special dinner and event, allow things to flow and don’t worry so much about controlling outcomes. Not everyone is going to live up to your expectations (probably not even yourself), so let go of those expectations for perfection. Remember “all is well” in the greater scheme of life.
  • Reach out to others. If you feel lonely or isolated, seek out people and events that can support you. Or volunteer to help someone else or an organization. This can be a good way to lift your own spirit while you are helpful to another.
  • Practice healthy boundaries. Be sure you are saying “yes” to what you really want to do. Many requests can come during a holiday, so be selective and don’t overload yourself and your schedule. Commit to what you know makes sense and keep those commitments.
  • Manage your time. Keep a notepad in a designated place to schedule errands, items needed, etc. This will be the “go to place” for new thoughts and ideas that come up.
  • Don’t abandon healthy habits. Be sure you are taking good care of yourself, whether it’s continuing to exercise, meditate for 10 minutes a day, or whatever helps you stay grounded. Even though many more delectable delights are available, you can still eat in moderation or make a different choice one day over another. Let go of guilt and know that you may eat a little more home-made sweets if that is your tradition. You will get back on track through intention.
  • Allow yourself to trust your feelings. If something has occurred (loss of a loved one, divorce, illness) that has made you sad, it is normal to feel and to express your feelings. You can’t make yourself happy just because it’s the”season to be jolly.”
  • Be love. I like to think of the holidays as a special time to be kind and loving to all people you meet on your path, whether it’s the person at the grocery store in front of you in the long line, or the one who takes the last item you really wanted in the bin at the department store. Know that “things” are just things and that how you are being is what counts in the greater scheme of life.

Happy Holidays!


Be Optimistic

by Cynthia Bischoff on November 15, 2014

imageYour thoughts create your reality. One of the major problems with unconscious fear is that the brain can be in a state of constant anticipation of negative things. We then focus our attention to look for ways to validate these fears. From an evolutionary perspective, this act was meant to protect us. Fear is the gatekeeper of our comfort zone.

In modern times, these primitive fears keep us bound and are no longer helpful. What is helpful is to begin to think and respond differently, to hold a positive outlook.

The Benefits of Optimism:

  • Research shows that optimism leads people to better overall health.
  • Optimistic people are generally “luckier,” more successful, and regarded as more appealing.
  • Based on the Law of Attraction (Like attracts like), by being optimistic, you will draw positive outcomes to yourself.
  • Studies have shown that imagining positive outcomes releases fear.

The more optimistic you are, the more you create a pattern of response that perpetuates your positive feelings.

Here are some steps to bringing about more positive thinking:

  • Recognize what is NOT happening in your life that you would like to have happen.
  • Identify what you CAN do to make it happen and focus on that.
  • Fear and optimism cannot occupy the same space, so the more optimistic you can be and feel, the less fear you experience.
  • Focus on one thing that makes you happy, that you are grateful for, and bring this into your mind whenever you experience a fearful thought.

You may be surprised that small steps toward optimism can bring about big changes.


Fear & Faith

November 1, 2014

Early in life you had two primary motivations: to survive and not to be abandoned. Primarily, you learned to be acceptable and to wear an “adaptive” mask in order to manage your fears. Hence, the result can be a lifetime dance with fear and faith. If you accept that your thoughts create your reality, then […]

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The Power of Music

October 25, 2014

I grew up in a family of musicians. My father is a musician by hobby and played music constantly in the evenings when I was growing up. He often played the same song all evening until he perfected it. I am fortunate that my father is an excellent musician! I sincerely contribute my ability to […]

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